bears vs farve


jay cutlerour baby faced Jay Cutler, who usually throws 3-5 interceptions each game, is going head to head with THE Brett Farve.

this game will be extremely interesting to watch.  our coach, Lovie Smith, was originally hired to a) beat the Packers, which included Farve at the time, and b) take the Bears to the super bowl.  Smith has completed both of these tasks.  but can he lead our team to a victory against THE Farve and the Vikings?  the Vikings have had a very successful season and although Farve is old, he has proven that age doesn’t matter.

one of the things that frightens me the most is that we are unstable.  the Bears play unpredictable games, usually ending in frustration and confusion.

can we pull it together, get our QB in check, and actually play a good game against the barely unbeatable Vikings?

i will know soon enough.


another injured Bears victim


looks like Garrett Wolfe, running back for my Chicago Bears, will be outta commission for the rest of the season due to a lacerated kidney.  ouch!

last weeks game (Bears VS 49ers) really roughed up our team:

Now that the official injury report has been filed with the league, we know the Bears could be in trouble at the safety position Thursday night against the 49ers.  Safety Kevin Payne is listed as out with a back injury. The good news is safety Al Afalava is questionable with a shoulder injury.

Last week after Afalava was injured, Payne filled in for him. This week, if neither play can go the Bears likley will have to play either Josh Bullocks or Craig Steltz.

Also out is running back Garrett Wolfe with what the team is calling a back injury.

obviously, Wolfe has more than a back injury!

with the way things have been going this season so far, my hopes are not very high.  i am trying to raise my spirits for our upcoming night game on Sunday against the Eagles.  should be interesting…

dely in my menu plan: comfort food for the sick


i am re-posting from domesticgeek:

first of all, here are the results of Monday night’s dinner:

vinaigrette salad with shaved midnight moon goat gouda
sun-dried tomato chicken sausage with vodka penne

tonight, i was supposed to make tortilla crusted tilapia and a southwestern salad. but, pk was sick!  so i made my sunday night meal early: chicken noodle soup.  i wasn’t as prepared as i would have been on sunday, but it all came together!

as soon as i got home from work, i filled a pot up with water and added my defrosted chicken breast (just two of them).  next, i diced up my veggies: carrots, celery, italian squash, mushrooms, and onions.  i added a bunch of spices including cayenne pepper (i like things spicey!), cumin, garlic, paprika, pepper, and salt.  i let this simmer and boil for about 40 minutes.  then i added whatever pasta i could find: fusilli and macroni.  i let the pasta cook and simmer in the pasta for another 15 minutes.

while the soup was simmering, i made grilled cheese with tomato:

a hodge podge chicken noodle soup

hopefully this cured my sick boyfriend!  also, i have tons of leftover soup!  i put half of it in a huge container and put it in the freezer.  i made 3 portions for the fridge (two hefty ones for the sicky).

i picked up some wellness formula, orange juice, cold medicine, kleenex, and anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.  hopefully i don’t get sick. 🙂

❤ kt