bear down, chicago bears


who would win in a fight? coach ditka or a hurricane? trick question, ditka IS the hurricane!

i’m ready for some FOOTBALL!  it’s only thursday, yet i’ve got football to watch tonight.  glorious, indeed.

or is it?

first of all, we are in need of a victory.  our season has been painful, to say the least.  it doesn’t help that the defense backbone, Urlacher, is out for the season.  i was devastated that our defense allowed Arizona to score on its first six possessions on sunday in a 41-21 victory.  it was painful to watch.  or Cincinnati scored on its first seven drives two weeks ago. ugh!  both Arizona and Cincinnati pulled back the second half of the game, like a college football team who acknowledges their over-matched opponent.  *sigh

plus, we’ve got a double-chinned cry baby as a QB.  Lovie needs to resist the urge of removing

but this game should be interesting.  with Singletary guiding the 49ers, reliving old Bears memories isn’t going to fix an inconsistent offense.  they’ve had a rough and painful season this year.

“The Bears will always be a team that I love,” Singletary told Chicago-area reporters via conference call. “So many friends, family, memories.”

perhaps he’ll give us a win?  come on, you know you love us Singletary!

bear down!

❤ kt


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