burn the gaga witch


i absolutely love this beautiful Vogue as a high fashion fairytale story!  i actually had this mag and never noticed that Lady Gaga was in it:

You know the score here already: this is one of Grace Coddington’s patented fairytale shoots, wherein familiar stories from childhood are re-enacted by teenage models in $15,000 outfits for the amusement of all. Sometimes these spreads have an enforced sweetness, like saccharin; always they make one wonder just what Bruno Bettelheim would have to say about a publication made by and for adult women finding so much material in sanitized re-tellings of Grimm, with 4″ Fendi heels.

Coddington reports Gaga turned up at the shoot “stark naked except for her white rubber raincoat and some very, very high heels!”

Gaga was so bubbly and chatty and enthusiastic and excited to be alive,” raves Coddington. Too bad she ends up in the oven, dead.

❤ kt


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