i got 4 gapping holes in ma mouth


went for a consultation with a new dentist on Tuesday and he told me that he needed to perform immediate oral surgery to remove my 2 lower impacted wisdom teeth that were swollen & on their way to infection.  oh while he’s at it, he take the top wisdom teeth too.

if you know me, then you are fully aware of my distinct fear & hatred for the dentist.  having 6 extra teeth, oral surgeries, and braces in 2nd grade, i grew up hating the thought of the dentist.

so bravely, patrick dragged me to the dentist for my surgery Friday morning at 9 AM.  i got the good ol’ gas and an iv of who knows what to knock me out.  next thing i rememeber is waking up in my bed with a blood-stained pillow & shirt.  thankfully, pk arrived just in time to clean me up, give me drugs, and put me back to bed.

today, i woke up with a pounding headache & a throbbing jaw.  *sigh, getting better isn’t going to be easy.  however, at least i have a wonderful boyfriend to take care of me.  and although it’s Valentine’s day weekend, it’s full of love (and pain killers).



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