A Nightmare On Elm Street


my favorite horror villain, Freddy Krueger, gets remade in new A Nightmare on Elm Street. i have a lot of passion for this movie series and of course, i had to see the midnight premiere.  here are my thoughts!


one thing i loved the most about the original A Nightmare on Elm Street is the opening credits: someone is making the infamous glove with knives for fingers.  next, that ‘someone’  is terrorizing a young girl who awakes in a cold sweat, only to discover the nightmare is just beginning. love it!

in the new version, produced by Michael Bay (who loves to overdo it), we get scrap-book moments intended to tease coming events. then Dean who, half-asleep in a moodily lit diner, who eventually slits his own throat. Yes, Freddy got him.

the difference in the opening moments reveals many of the problems of the Nightmare on Elm Street remake. over-thought, obsessed with back-story, and this new Nightmare takes away the power of the female characters.

and no, it’s not a new freakin’ nightmare, like the movie poster says. it’s a terrible remake that downgrades iconic scenes from the original.

don’t get me wrong, there WERE some good takeaways. Jackie Earle Haley is the stand-out, and he plays an excellent Rorschach… I mean, Freddy. he plays both the human and dream version of Kruger distinctly different and well. but come on, they try to humanize Freddy Krueger.  WTF?!? they portray Freddy as a gardener at a preschool and is never shown wearing the glove, nor did he really have a reason to; he never killed anyone while he was alive. and was Freddy really a child molester or not? who really knows, they played that questions so vaguely that you could really go either way. the only real ‘evidence’ were Polaroid pictures of Nancy when she was in preschool and the audience never actually sees them anyways.  you are just supposed to infer that they are terrible.

and don’t even get me started on the joke of a character that is the ‘new Nancy.’ UGH! she’s a weak scared little girl. played with zero intensity…nothing like the real Nancy.

i loved being in the theater to witness this historical event, wearing my fan gear and all.  but this remake was disappointing. i missed Robert Englund



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