R2D2 special edition DROID 2


star wars nerds with lose their shit when they see this amazing piece of cellular technology:

here’s the official site: http://www.droiddoes.com/r2d2/


the hopsicle


OMG! i love this idea:

Introducing The Hopsicle Experience, a frozen can of beer, sliced in half and served like a Push Pop for big kids, launching today at Diablo Royale Este.

my new fall jacket – wookie style


Star Wars x adidas Originals – Fall/Winter 2010 – “Wookie” Jacket

As previously affirmed by the adidas Originals neighborhood residents such as David Beckham and Snoop Dogg prior to the 2010 FIFA World Cup, fanboys can rejoice because the Star Wars x adidas Originals collaboration lives on into Fall/Winter 2010. While we had previously debuted the new R2-D2+C-3Po Top Ten Low, now we have a better look at the rest of the collection including this snuggly quilted Wookiee Jacket, inspired of course, by the People of the Trees– the Wookiee.

For those who don’t quite remember who or what a Wookiee is, think Han Solo’s verbally challenged, short tempered furry pal, Chewbacca. The Wookie Jacket is rendered in brown like big Chewie, and comes with a fur lined hood, sleeves and hem. Sure, the entire thing may not be made of fur, but with a co-branded logo and “WOOKIEE” embroidered on the chest, the spirit of the Kashyyk humanoids live on.

i could own my very own Dharma Shark


everything, and i mean EVERYTHING must go sale on all LOST set props.  what catches my EYE you ask? OF COURSE…THE DHARMA SHARK:

DHARMA shark. Special effects DHARMA shark with impressively lifelike paint scheme. Seen in the episode, “Adrift” while Sawyer, Michael and Jin are on the raft following Walt’s abduction by the Others. This shark was created for frontal shots, as it does not feature a tail. Measures approx. 85 in. long.

do i have over $200-300 laying around for this spectacular set prop? sadly, no.