jason vorhees is dead and so am i.


HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2010! pk and i decided to celebrate with iconic FRIDAY THE 13th themed costumes. Jason Vorhees killed me, a Crystal Lake Camp Counselor, and pk killed Jason…proving it by carrying around his head!

“You’re Doomed! You’re all doomed!” (Crazy Ralph, Friday the 13th)

pixel is looking pretty tasty…

family photo!

❤ kt


halloween themed treats…part 1!


the Decorated Cookie strikes again with these creative marshmallow zombie pops!  these look completely simple and fun to make.

looking for something a bit healthier, check out this fun witch sandwich from ZiggityZoom.com:

A fun and easy Halloween treat for a quick lunch or dinner.  Serve this as a cold sandwich or make a two-part grilled cheese and then assemble the witch.

For the Witch:

  • 2 slices light bread
  • 2 slices dark bread
  • Green apple
  • Carrot
  • Olive slice
  • Sandwich filling

Stack light slices of bread and cut out an angular head for the witch’s head. Stack dark bread and cut out a long, thin hat.  Fill both sections with sandwich filling of your choice.  A fun option here is to make grilled cheese.  Set sandwich sections in place on the plate.  Use long strip of green apple slice for the brim of the hat, layers two slices if needed.  Cut small circular slices for polka dots from carrot and arrange on hat.

To make the hair, cut five irregular, slices of carrot and add to plate.  Use an olive slice for the eye and a thin strip of apple for the mouth.  Happy Halloween!

more fun ideas to come!

❤ kt

what will i be for Halloween this year?


thinking about my Halloween costume…searching the internets for ideas.

came across this fantastic Roger Rabbit & Jessica:

here are some sweet geeky couples ideas too:

  • Tetris pieces
  • Miis
  • Spicers
  • Mario & Princess Peach
  • Leia & Luke

hmm…i am considering something zombie related in celebration of AMC’s premiere of WALKING DEAD!

pizza pops!


wow. i never thought that a pizza and a Popsicle would combine to create a pizza pop! but Meaghan Mountford (The Decorated Cookie) did just that! here, she shows us how she did it plus tips on different toppings & calzones pops!

now i am dreaming up ones i would make myself…like butternut squash spinach & walnut ones…nom nom nom.

these are not only adorable, but make excellent appetizers for a party!

❤ kt

uses for your apple peels


its fall and tis the season for apple picking!  i came across this article today by http://www.thekitchn.com and it made me think about what i do with my apple peels!  here are their suggestions:

1. Make jelly: Any apple peels will do, but red colored ones make an especially lovely jelly. The Recipe Link has a recipe that calls for added pectin, while Craftster has one that simply uses peels and cores.

2. Brew tea: Pink tea! We can’t wait to try this recipe from Finding Joy in My Kitchen.

3. Add to oatmeal: Store peels in the freezer and add them to simmering oatmeal along with raisins and cinnamon. For a finer texture, process the peels in a blender first.

4. Add to smoothies: Throw some frozen apple peels into a smoothie for extra fiber.

5. Clean aluminum cookware: According to DIY Network, the acid in apple peels can remove stains and discoloration from aluminum pots and pans. Fill the pan with water, add apple peels, and simmer for about 30 minutes.

here are some of my own suggestions:

  • start a compost!
  • add them to a salad.
  • make them into a crunchy snack: place on parchment lined baking sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. bake them at the lowest temperature for a couple of minutes until they start to curl.  NOM NOM!

❤ kt

SEARS incorporates Zombies into marketing


a cool idea, but with SEARS? weren’t they going out of business?  well, getting on the zombie train might help ignite their what seemed like DEAD marketing campaign.  they added a Zombie shopper section to their website.  there is even a Zombie Gift Guide!  SEARS’ zombie twitter feed is pretty hilarious too: “Remember, the best shopping is done in hordes.”

i’d love to keep an eye on their stock and financials to see if this aids in a significant increase in sales…kind of impressed! (also, anything zombie related grabs my attention!)

*thanks laughingsquid.com

❤ kt