stand up for Organic!


i recently came across this fantastic post by one of my favorite RSS feeds: The Atlantic. i really enjoyed this article:

State of the Organic Union

here are the keys points brought up in the article:

1. Americans are very confused about what organic is and is not and why organic matters.

*coming from the Midwest, i did not know what organic meant until i started working for Whole Foods Market.  there, i was completely educated on what organic means, how important it is, and the type of impact it has on my health and quality of the food.  i now live in California and whenever i go home, i am constantly trying to spread the wealth of knowledge to my friends and family.  word-of-mouth is some of the most powerful ways to educate those around you.

2. The organic industry must focus on clearing up that confusion and communicating why organic food is so important and the safest food you can buy.

*how does one go about learning what organic means?  unless you seek out the knowledge, you have no way of really learning.  farmers markets and grocery stores that host classes to educate you are good spots to learn more.  however, it’s not easy.  although you can easily google it on the internet, it’s still not common knowledge.  in health classes in schools, they should be teaching organics to students! the organic society needs to branch out and grow within our culture.

3. If we are going to save the world, we are going to have to unite and work together instead of fighting amongst ourselves.

*i think this point is pretty self explanatory!

please read the article in full here.

by local produce and if you can, MAKE IT ORGANIC!!!

❤ kt


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