i need a mac…


i’ve been saving for a long time to get myself a macbook. not because i can’t just go out and get one, but because the time and effort into saving slowly for something big is seriously rewarding. since the beginning of year, i’ve been tucking away a twenty here and there on a weekly basis. sometimes, i would dip into my savings for that OMG! Hautelook sale or other things i chose not to pass up. but alas, the time has come and i will be a proud mac owner soon. with the release of the macbook air price drop, i am on the fence regarding my choice of which apple product i choose…

the original macbook is a great product and has consistently been a top-selling apple choice…it’s the “macbook: the notebook for everyone.”

but oh, the macbook air, the “Next Generation of Macbooks,” is fairly sleek and sexy in style and design. also, notcot posted this pic that made me drool with envy:

still…on the fence.

❤ kt


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