training for my first 1/2 marathon


i will conquer you Golden Gate!

i’ve certainly set a large goal for myself this summer.  i gots to get my butt in gear because i just signed up for my first half marathon on July 31, 2011.  i’ll be running the first half of the SF Marathon, which ventures across the Golden Gate bridge.

i signed up for MiCoach, even though i’ve previously used Runkeeper.  i liked Runkeeper, but there are more features on the free MiCoach app. MiCoach talks you through your workouts, which i love.  i setup my goal for the half marathon in July and it automagically created a training schedule. i do not have to follow the schedule, but it’s nice to have.  if i do use one of the training workouts, it will tell me when i am in certain zones, and whether i need to slow down or speed up.  it also notifies me at each mile marker with my time/mile, total distance, and total time. i can do all of this while listening to my iTunes or custom running playlist.

my miCoach workout today: 6.24 miles.

with that being said, i do love how Runkeeper automatically posts your workouts to your social networks.  MiCoach does not automatically do that and if i want to share a workout, i must go in and manually upload it to Facebook, share a link, or email it directly to someone.  kind of a bummer that those are my only options. i would stick with Runkeeper because it too has much of the above-mentioned features, but requires me to purchase the pro version.

my brother, dad, and i post race.

overall, i am extremely excited to complete my half marathon goal. i am running under the inspiration of my Dad, who 360’d his lifestyle and became fit & healthy in the last two years. over 50 years old, my Dad went from a couch potato to marathon shape. he now sends me motivation through his accomplishments. last year, i wasn’t nearly close to long distance shape. during a family reunion in Minnesota, my Dad and brother ran the Minneapolis 13.1. i was still starting out and was able to run the 5K event, wait for them at the last 2 mile marker, and run to the finish line with them. now i am ready to join them and cannot wait!

i’ll keep you posted on my training!

❤ the shark


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