A Peanut Story


Last night, Patrick and I went to the premiere party for the Peanut Butter Story, a documentary that apparently we played a cameo in:

Project Open Hand provides meals/groceries for people with symptomatic HIV/AIDS or breast cancer, meals for homebound/critically ill people under the age of 60 and congregate lunches for people over 60 years of age. They have done something extremely creative in a search to find ways to lower costs of food, they started making their own peanut butter.  This slowly became so popular that they ended up packaging it to sell to the local community.  Through the help of Whole Foods Markets across the Bay Area, Dynamo DonutsHumphry Slocombe, and other local organizations, Open Project Hand has helped spread the word of their peanut butter and their cause.  Tonight they had a premiere party to debut their documentary about the peanut butter.  It will debut on their YouTube channel to the public last night.

Did I mentioned that their peanut butter is delicious?

I’ve seen this grow from a small seed into a blooming tree.  Open Project Hand’s use of social media and the community, they have done a tremendous job   I love their mission and vision.  I am planning to participate in the Project Open Hand Giant Race too!  It’s a half marathon that starts and ends at the San Francisco Giants stadium.

❤ the shark


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