drink in style: The Walking Dead stein


this stein can be yours for £29.99 ($49/€34) from Firebox.

saw this beauty on GeekAlerts!  gotta love this selling point:

Capable of holding over 1.5 pints of beer, blood, brain matter or whatever else you fancy, this high quality piece of glassware is guaranteed to satisfy your bloodlust without the requisite violence.

❤ the shark



starting a new chapter


we rock!

sadly, both Karen and i were laid off from Mashable this week. although i loved my job and all the people i worked with, i completely understand the situation and what the business needs.  they will grow and prosper without me and i will watch from the sidelines as a fan!

with that being said, i am looking for something in event planning, as i have found my career and am sticking to it.

if you have know of any opportunities, please let me know.  otherwise, i’ll keep you posted.  i am definitely looking on the bright side of things.  i mean, hey…everything happens for a reason.


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dear neighbor…


Friday Frodos at Geek Week
always crack me up, this one really got me because last night i read a tweet from one of my friends that was similar:

The couple above me take long showers together and sing opera. I cam hear them through the pipes. #horriblemetaphor? #butsopretty!
8/19/11 11:27 PM

Uh I’m going to pretend the other sounds are breathing exercises. #yup
8/19/11 11:28 PM


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let the wedding planning begin!


This 7,200 square foot hall provides a commanding view of Geneva Lake. It handles 350-400 for sit down dinners

It’s official, Patrick Klepek and I picked a date!!! 8-10-12!

Here’s the venue: The Riviera. It’s beautiful. Right on the shores of Lake Geneva, it’s not only a venue, but is a dock for boats, a pier for tours, and has a bunch of fun shops in it. The view of the upstairs ballroom overlooks the lake and is naturally gorgeous without even decorating it. BONUS: it’s super cheap AND we can BYOB without a licensed bartender (SAVINGS $$$).


From left to right: strawberry rhubarb, chocolate chocolate, red velvet, carrot cake, and two servings of peanut butter mousse that we tried on top of brownies!

I tried on my mom’s wedding dress, which my grandma handmade. It literally fit like a glove. I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I am going to change the neckline and upper portion of the dress (I’m thinking of a sweetheart strapless neckline), but shh…I have to keep it a secret from Patrick!

We also had time for cupcake tasting and that was a huge success. The amazing pastry chef at OMG Cupcakes came up with the idea of mini cupcake displays for each of the tables in 3-tiered stands with a floral arrangement on the first tier. Kills two birds with one stone, because no I don’t have to worry about centerpieces for the tables! On the bridal party’s table, she will do a bigger cupcake display with a cake topper on the first tier, which Patrick and I will cut into and then save the other half for our 1 year. The flavors we picked were strawberry rhubarb, carrot cake, and a chocolate brownie with peanut butter mousse! OH MY!!!

I already have a bunch of things crossed off the list from one trip home, pretty successful! I was even able to squeeze in family and friends, an engagement bonfire, and a girlie sleepover with some of my bridesmaids.


My little sister and I at the Horticultural Hall, while venue shopping.


My mom and sister, getting dogs in the park!

My shotguns hanging by the lake: Kristen, Emma, and I!


I'm definitely in Wisconsin: bloody mary, little can of Miller Lite, and fried cheese curds!


The whole Klepek gang and I taking a ride in the Jeepster. (We are definitely driving away in this after we are hitched!)

Of course, it’s only the beginning of planning. I will make sure to post along the way. But until then…

❤ the shark