Valentine’s day – gift guide for your lady


it’s valentine’s day, the one day a year you should take time to show all the people, including your significant other, how much you ❤ them. i’m corny, get over it.

here are some ideas that i love:

  1. something sweet: Vosges Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection // 9 pieces for $26
    Either Bi-Rite or Whole Foods carries them!
  2. something pretty: Dogeared ‘Dream of Love’ Heart Pendant Necklace at Nordstrom // $54
  3. something nerdy: Pink Nerd Domo at // $18
  4. something domestic: Tea-And-Crumpets Apron from // $32.00
  5. something for sleep: Menswear-inspired pajama top, half shirt, half dress and 100 percent cozy at J.Crew // $59.50
  6. something for the rocker: Truly Madly Deeply Big Lips Crop Tee  at UrbanOutfitters // $29
  7. something techie: Tunes for 2 Headphone Splitter at // $18

❤ the shark


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