Quarantine 2 – SHOCKTOBER




Quarantine 2 wasn’t terrible, I’ll give it that. I loved the premise: being stuck on the plane with a virus. I could have seen a little more of that versus the on the ground action in a broken down terminal at an airport, which was mostly what the movie was.

The tie-in from the original is that this plane derailment happens simultaneously with the original Quarantine in LA. The flight was leaving LAX and one of the passengers that boarded the plane smuggled on a lab rat that…wait for it…was a test subject for the virus. Yeah, kinda lame, but still entertaining noneoftheless.

I was pissed when the ending allowed the little boy to live and walk away unharmed. Too nice and Hollywood squeaky clean happy ending for me.

I give it a 2 out of 5.

<;3 the shark


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