howdy folks. i’ve been in a cave but crawled out to announce Patrick and my SHOCKTOBER horror movie list. This is in no particular order:

  1. The Children
  2. Pontypool
  3. Kill List
  4. The Loved Ones
  5. Angel Heart
  6. Videodrome
  7. Quarantine 2
  8. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Lesile Vernon
  9. The Monster Squad
  10. The Shining
  11. Event Horizon
  12. Cabin in the Woods
  13. The Squad
  14. Tokyo Gore Police
  15. Cemetery Man
  16. The Killer Condom
  17. Human Centipede 2
  18. Pet Sematary
  19. Woman
  20. The Lady in White
  21. Mother’s Day
  22. Who Can Kill a Child?
  23. Father’s Day
  24. Beyond the Black Rainbow
  25. Grave Encounters
  26. Lake Placid
  27. Frontiers
  28. Dead Heat
  29. Pandorum
  30. Paranormal Activity 4
  31. Sinister

I hope to update you with my thoughts and reviews on some of the above-mentioned films as we tackle through this exciting list!


❤ the shark


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