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Here are some of my most recent productions from the past few years:

Twilio’s Roadshow, Engineering the Customer Experience, May 13-June 24, 2014

My role: lead account and project manager, onsite production in Atlanta and Chicago

Twilio Roadshow

Reinventing Events produced Twilio‘s roadshow, Engineering the Customer Experience. This event took place within six weeks and went to Atlanta, London, Chicago, New York, Santa Monica, and San Francisco. Twilio hosted this event to help developers and companies create great customer experiences in this new software-defined world and to explore how these changes will streamline business communications. Over 1000 people, collectively, attended this roadshow throughout it’s destinations. It consisted of informational main and breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and a free Chromebook giveaway!

Flurry’s SourceDigital 14, METREON, San Francisco, CA, April 22, 2014

My role: lead account and project manager, onsite production

We worked with Flurry to produce a one day event at the METREON in San Francisco, called SourceDigital 14. The conference offered conversations around the latest topics and trends in the mobile consumer industry. Inspirational keynote talks, and unique sessions all centered around how mobile usage is on the rise. Attendees enjoyed lunch in the large 25’ x 165’ tent. There was also a cocktail reception to top-off the day. We also produced a reception at the B Restaurant and Bar the evening before the conference, where Flurry executives and speakers gathered.

Downtown Project’s Passport to Downtown, Downtown Las Vegas, NV, January 6-9, 2014

My role: onsite production


We worked with Downtown Project to produce a series of events in downtown Las Vegas, called Passport to Downtown. Each attendee was given an actual passport by a community ambassador, which was their key to these events and the blueprint for a scavenger hunt across bars, restaurants and a few very surprising places. With the passports and various programs and events going on, attendees were able to travel through downtown Las Vegas and learn about all the great things going on down there. It was a huge hit with close to 2,000 people registered for the different events going on through Downtown Vegas during CES 2014. The local community, as well as visitors from all over the world in town, came to experience and be a part of the community that is thriving in Downtown Vegas.

New Relic’s FutureStack Conference, Grand Hyatt, San Francisco, CA, October 24-25, 2013

My role: lead account and project manager, onsite production


We worked with New Relic to produce their first-ever user conference, FutureStack, which was a one-day conference at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco. Over 800 attendees watched this company OF developers instill a conference FOR developers, make major product announcements, and touch on points that will build the future.

Engine Yard’s Distill Conference, Winery SF, San Francisco, CA, August 8-9, 2013

My role: lead account and project manager, onsite production

Engine YardEngine Yard’s Distill was a two-day developer conference located at Winery SF on Treasure Island in San Francisco. Developers came together for two days to learn, inspire, and share their takes on the essence of development, on an island overlooking the San Francisco city skyline. Keynote speakers shared their wisdom and experience on a stage surrounded by wine barrels and market lights.  Attendees had the opportunity to give lightning talks, which they prepared at the conference, to the audience. Attendees were also encouraged to have their own fireside chats while sipping on Winery SF wines and assorted beer. The Moonshine party kick-offed the conference with a bang.  Located at the Old Mint, Moonshine gave the attendees opportunity to mingle and dance to live DJs, while enjoying delicious food, a candy bar, and specialty cocktails.

Flurry’s SourceDigital 13, Apella & NoMad Hotel
NYC, June 13, 2013

My role: onsite production

SourceDigital13 was a one-day conference at Apella Event Space at the Alexandria Center in New York City. The conference offered conversations around the latest topics and trends in the mobile consumer industry. Inspirational keynote talks, and unique sessions all centered around how mobile usage is on the rise. Attendees enjoyed lunch at renowned NYC restaurant, Riverpark. There was also a cocktail reception to top-off the day. We also produced a VIP Dinner at the beautiful rooftop terrace of the NoMad Hotel the night before the conference.

Yammer and Gannett Meet-Ups, SXSWi 2013, The Hangar
Austin, TX, March 9-10, 2013

My role: project manager and onsite production

We produced two events at SXSW 2013. Both events took place at The Hangar, one of our favorite venues in Austin. This venue is a three level bar, in the style of a 1950’s airport lounge. The first was for Yammer, a social network for businesses. Attendees were greeted at the door with endless swag, like branded rings, slap bracelets, sunglasses and cowbells, because every event can always use more cowbell! The Yammer meet-up gave attendees the opportunity to listen to speakers, network, hang out, and jam out.

The Gannett meet-up was a tech paradise! Gannett is a renowned media company andparent of USA +Today. Attendees chowed down on local Austin food from The Peached Tortilla and The Salt Lick, and stayed caffeinated all day with Houndstooth Coffee. Demos from these local food vendors were broadcasted live to showcase Gannett’s transition into going digital. There were charging stations for attendees to power up phones, laptops and iPads while they ate, drank, and networked.

TwilioCon 2012, SF Exhibition Center
San Francisco, CA, October 16-18, 2012

My role: lead account and project manager, onsite production

We worked with Twilio for 10 months to plan and produce their biggest event to date. After a bad experience last year with another producer, they wanted to ensure having a great team this year. We started pretty much from the ground up to design a strategy for all areas of the conference, including marketing ideas, venue selection, rentals, AV design and production, speaker & sponsor management, creative & design management, registration, and all logistics around the conference. We produced a VIP reception on Tuesday evening, the Hackathon on Wednesday evening, and the After Party on Thursday night. A success with over 800 checking in over the three-day event.

Alfresco Dinner and Drinks during Dreamforce, Hotel Vitale, San Francisco, CA, September 18, 2012

My role: onsite production

Alfresco came to us about a month before Dreamforce wanting to do something special. We originally decided on a 300 person, invite-only event but Alfresco decided they wanted to scale back and we suggested a very intimate dinner, a welcome change from all the big parties around Dreamforce. We moved fast and secured a private suite at Hotel Vitale, which allowed for drinks and passed hors d’oeuvres before dinner on the patio, al fresco style. The patio had space for 40 to enjoy great food, wine, conversation, and an amazing view of the Ferry Building. A huge success!

Zendesk 5-Year Anniversary, Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA, September 12, 2012

My role: onsite production

We worked with Zendesk to produce a celebration for their five-year anniversary with a huge focus on their customers. We did not know this, but they made a huge announcement the day of the event around closing a round of funding for $60M. Because of the announcement, we had a lot more attendees RSVP and show up that day, with a total of almost 700 people for the night. It was a true celebration with a DJ, cover band, lounge furniture, high level catering, open bar, flipbook creation area, and a swag box for each attendee as they left.

MLOVE USA, Asilomar Conference Center
Monterey, CA, April 24-26, 2012

My role: project manager and onsite production

MLOVE successfully completed two conferences in Berlin when they decided they wanted to come to the U.S. MLOVE has been called “TED for mobile’ and has a passion for the crossover between tech and art. We did full conference production for them including venue research and negotiation, registration assistance, rooming, speaker and sponsor management, and on site management. With almost 150 attendees, it was a successful event for their first event outside of Germany.

  • Check out the MLOVE website for a recap and photos from the event  »

SXSW Interactive and Film
Austin, TX, March 2012

My role: project manager and onsite production

We worked with TaskRabbit, Livefyre, & Juntobox Films to produce their custom events during SXSW. Check out our recap blog post »

TaskRabbit, four-day event. Creative design and daily variety was key for the TaskRabbit park, an area for people to come learn more about what TaskRabbit is, sign up to become a TaskRabbit, and to celebrate their launch in Austin. We secured permits from the city, designed the event space, setup and tore down the area daily (as it was shared with someone else during the day), and purchased all food and drinks for the entire week. We even moved the entire park on the first day into a bar as it was raining and the client decided to move inside.

Livefyre, one-night event. We created a “Burningman-esque” event titled “Fyre Bash” across the street from the convention center, complete with pyrotechnics, mobile bars, and a drum circle. The event was a HUGE success and something completely different than the normal SXSWi parties.

Juntobox Films, one-day event. Juntobox Films wanted a lounge area to showcase their Green Light Project in which they were selecting five film producers and giving each $1M to produce their film. The lounge was complete with a step & repeat photo area, food & drinks, a DJ on the rooftop, and a VIP area in the mezzanine. The event got lots of coverage as Laurence Fishburne is on the board for Juntobox Films and was at the event to make a few announcements.

LiquidSpace presents Mobile Work Week at various LiquidSpace venues throughout San Francisco, CA, December 5-9, 2011

My role: project manager and onsite production

LiquidSpace came to us to create a weeklong experience, highlighting multiple co-working spaces they had to offer throughout San Francisco for the mobile worker. We designed an evening crawl from venue to venue, complete with rickshaws to drive people between the spaces; an official launch party at one of hottest new venues in SF; and multiple breakfast and lunch opportunities for smaller groups to get information on areas like IP law, design for the mobile worker, and tools available for those working remotely. The week was a huge success and had people utilizing the app in a variety of ways.

Mashable Connect at The Contemporary Resort
Walt Disney World, May 12-14, 2011

My role: project manager and onsite production

We designed this conference from the ground up as Mashable’s first ever, multi-day conference. We curated the audience through invite-only attendees and had a dream team of speakers, thanks to our staff wish list of whom we wanted to hear from. We debated where to host the conference and considered SF, L.A., NYC, Austin, Las Vegas, and Chicago, and decided that we wanted to bring people together in a place where they wouldn’t be tempted to do other business meetings. Disney World seemed like the best place to make magic happen…and it was! With 300 attendees and speakers at the happiest place on earth, the feedback was so great that Mashable continued the conference the following year with pretty much the same format we designed for the first year.

Mashable SXSWi at Buffalo Billiards
Austin, TX, March 13 & 14, 2011

My role: project manager and onsite production

Mashable went big at SXSW interactive in 2011 with the two-day Mashable House. We had VIP only times with food, drinks, and a place to hang out, as well as the Geek Games tournament with 24 teams competing head to head on things like Twister and Dance Central. We had parties each night with DJs, open bar, and a line around the block due to the venue being at full capacity of 800! We also hosted live Facebook video chats each day upstairs to an invite-only crowd of 40 and included people like Dane Cook and Rainn Wilson. Mashable was one of biggest brands on Twitter during SXSW, largely in part to the Mashable House.

Mashable Awards Gala at Cirque du Soleil Zumanity stage
Las Vegas, NV, January 6, 2011

My role: assistant project manager and onsite production

Over 1200 people joined us for the ticketed event held during CES in Las Vegas. The event was hosted by comedian Baratunde Thurston, The Onion’s Director of Digital, and the remix masters, Eclectic Method, played throughout the event and created custom intro videos for each category, similar to MTV video award show montages. The Awards Gala also included acts and performances from our partner Cirque du Soleil Zumanity.




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