Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s day is one of my favorite holidays. Okay, I love all holidays, but St. Patrick’s day is special. Not only am I Irish, but I love celebrating my family traditions, dressing up in green, watching the local parade, and enjoying plenty of pints with loved ones.

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While Saint Patrick’s Day, also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick, is actually a religious holiday, most people celebrate the Irish culture proudly.  Steve Gimbel wrote a beautifully written article about What We Are Really Celebrating on St. Patrick’s Day and put it best:

When it is said that on St. Patrick’s Day “everyone has a little Irish in them,” it acknowledges the ways in which we are a better culture for having added another set of experiences.


Now that you’ve learned WHY you should celebrate the unofficial holiday, here are some  Irish activities that you should check off your list this weekend:

  1. Wear green, the more, the merrier! Shamrocks are a bonus. Also, it saves you from getting pinched if you’re not wearing any!
  2. Make some delicious Irish food that you can share with your friends and family! Some of my favorites include: corned beef and spinach pies. WARNING: this link will make you hungry.
  3. Rock out to some excellent Irish music. Check out this Spotify playlist: Irish Imports.
  4. Attend a local parade. Support your local community and all of the people who put time and effort into the parade. From the creative floats, Irish dancers, and candy that they pass out, it truly is a fun experience that is family friendly! Not sure what’s happening near you? Check out this helpful resource.
  5. Learn how to pour a black and tan. Watch this excellent YouTube video.
  6. Brush up on Irish lingo:
    Irish Slang: boozer
    Translation: pub
    Suggested Usage: The party’s down at the boozerIrish Slang: local
    Translation: the neighborhood bar
    Suggested Usage: Let’s meet down at the local at IrishIrish Slang: craic (“crack”)
    Translation: a great time
    Suggested Usage: St. Paddy’s Day was mighty craic this year.Irish Slang: sláinte (“slawn-cha”)
    Translation: cheers
    Suggested Usage: Another pint! Sláinte!Irish Slang: wrecked
    Translation: exhausted
    Suggested Usage: After last night, I’m wrecked.

    Irish Slang: snog
    Translation: kiss
    Suggested Usage: One more pint and I’ll get up the nerve to snog her.

  7. Create a Irish pub crawl! This can be a great way to get some friends together and explore the local pub scene, especially if there are a lot of Irish bars in your area. Make a list of the pubs you want to visit in advance, then make a rule that everyone needs to have a pint in each pub you visit. Make sure to order something Irish such as a Guinness or Harp (beer), Magners or Smithwick’s (if you like cider), or ask for one of these Irish whiskey drinks. As you toasts your friend’s, make sure to say “Sláinte!”
  8. OR…consider having a home party! Make sure to watch an Irish movie, such as my favorite, The Leprechaun!

How do YOU celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Leave a comment below, I want to hear from you.

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