Top 5 Horror of 2015

Top 5 horror of 2015

2015 was a fantastic year for horror, below My husband and I put together our top 5.

Patrick’s favorites:

  1. It Follows
  2. We Are Still Here
  3. Krampus
  4. Goodnight Mommy
  5. What We Do in the Shadows

RUNNERS-UP: The Visit, Unfriended, Creep

My favorites:

  1. It Follows
  2. Goodnight Mommy
  3. We Are Still Here
  4. The Gift
  5. The Visit

RUNNERS-UP: Creep, Krampus

You can listen to our Til Death Do Us Part podcast, a weekly horror discussion between husband and wife, where we discuss in more detail here.

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Shocktober 2015

Shocktober 2015

Every year, I anticipate the start of October. Shocktober is my favorite season of the year!

The spirit of Shocktober is to try and watch as many of the below films as you can, knowing in advance that it’s probably impossible to watch a movie every single night. Trust me, we never get through the list.

While my husband and I put this list together, he wrote about it on Kotaku and I am reposting here!

  1. Goodnight Mommy (Theater)
  2. Unfriended (VOD/DVD)
  3. Cooties (VOD)
  4. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (VOD/DVD/Streaming)
  5. Westworld (VOD/DVD)
  6. Deep Red (DVD)
  7. The Visit (Theater)
  8. Jacob’s Ladder (DVD/Amazon Streaming)
  9. Knock Knock (Theater)
  10. Contracted: Phase 2 (VOD/DVD)
  11. We Are Still Here (VOD/DVD)
  12. Cub (VOD/DVD)
  13. Don’t Look Now (VOD/DVD)
  14. The Devil’s Backbone (VOD/DVD)
  15. Crimson Peak (Theater)
  16. Stage Fright (VOD/DVD)
  17. White God (VOD/DVD/Netflix)
  18. The Lazarus Effect (VOD/DVD)
  19. The Tenant (VOD/DVD)
  20. Poltergeist [Remake] (VOD/DVD)
  21. Them (VOD/DVD)
  22. Insidious: Chapter Three (VOD/DVD)
  23. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (Theater)
  24. The Falling (VOD/DVD/Amazon Streaming)
  25. Starry Eyes (VOD/DVD/Netflix)
  26. Invaders From Mars (VOD/DVD)
  27. Under the Skin (VOD/DVD/Amazon Streaming)
  28. Lyle (VOD/DVD)
  29. Black Death (VOD/DVD/Netflix/Amazon Streaming)
  30. Magic (VOD/DVD)
  31. Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (VOD/DVD/Netflix)

If you’re looking for even more movies, here are my husband’s published lists from years past:

Happy haunting!!

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#shocktober 2011 edition


oh October…i’ve missed you! it’s my favorite time of year, a whole month dedicated to horror movies! here’s our lineup, which my fiancé put together on his own blog:

  1. The Beyond
  2. Street Trash
  3. Triangle
  4. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil
  5. Night of the Creeps
  6. Castle Freak
  7. Human Centipede 2
  8. City of the Living Dead
  9. The Hitcher
  10. Frontiers
  11. Shiver
  12. They Came Back
  13. Without Warning
  14. The Thing (remake)
  15. The Woman
  16. Dead Heat
  17. Yellow Brick Road
  18. The Changeling
  19. Burnt Offerings
  20. The Blair Witch Project
  21. Paranormal Activity 3
  22. Pyscho 2
  23. The Nameless
  24. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
  25. Altered States
  26. In the Mouth of Madness
  27. Society
  28. The Stuff
  29. Apartment
  30. Evil Bong 3D
happy hauntings!
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